WEBINAR | Recording (30 min.)

It's Time to Transform Our Talk

Learn how a simple flexible approach to coaching can help.

85% of HR leaders surveyed say good manager-team member communication is critical to achievement of company goals. Yet only 35% say it's a current organizational strength.*

Talk, talk, talk—people managers do it all day long. We communicate in more ways than ever, from text to email to impromptu conversations. But connections not just communications is what produces results. How can leaders better connect with employees to improve passion and accountability, belief in what's possible, and the focus to accomplish the highest priorities?

In short, how can leaders free people up to do their best stuff?

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • The #1 barrier in manager-led communications and how to remove it permanently
  • A fresh mindset for bringing out the existing talents and knowledge team members already have
  • How to meaningfully approach the three different conversations every leader needs to master including the "tough talks"

HR.com/InsideOut Development partner survey. October 2016

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