What would your organization look like if
every single employee brought their best
each and every day?

Breakthroughs: High Performance from the InsideOut is a half-day workshop designed to tap into the tremendous potential of any performer. Breakthroughs is designed to help individual contributors and their managers identify where performance can improve and how to achieve breakthroughs -- on their own, and with their team.

Through Breakthroughs, individuals take ownership of results, and are better-prepared to follow through on their commitments. Participants leave the workshop equipped to make better, faster decisions using a process refined over more than 25 years.

Are you ready to drive breakthrough performance at your organization?

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"Accountability is doing what needs to be done because someone expects it.
Ownership is doing what needs to be done because you expect it yourself."
- Alan Fine


How much more could your teams accomplish?
What new ideas could blossom from fostering that creativity and independence?


Designed with the Individual in Mind


Breakthroughs was designed with the learner's journey at the forefront. We place participants as the heroes in their own story. Rather than solving problems for them, Breakthroughs inspires and equips performers to create their own breakthroughs, so they can solve their own performance problems over and over again.


Interaction and Connection


Studies in classrooms around the world show that videos increase student engagement and interest. But did you know that incorporating videos into classrooms can also increase retention by as much as 60 percent? Breakthroughs' dynamic learning environment, packed with videos and discussions, is a key element to long-term performance improvement.


Each Breakthroughs session shows 4 videos, contains at least 8 group
discussions, and features 3 one-on-one performance-improving conversations.


Experiencing the Day


Breakthroughs: High Performance from the InsideOut is structured in three sections, each designed to maximize performance. They're adaptable to individuals in any role at any organization.


1. Choose Your Focus

"Describe yourself when you're at your best."

Everyone faces interference. Breakthroughs can improve performance for under-performers and your EOMs; top executives and entry-level employees; sales and accounting.

The day begins as participants learn the role of focus in unlocking performance and begin to recognize their capacity to grow and perform at a higher level. They learn to assess and improve their personal focus and the impact of "interference."

2. Chart Your Course

"Where do you want to improve?"

GROW is an acronym for the 4 stages of decision-making. It's a process to organize your thinking to get the best (and fastest) results. It focuses your thinking and is flexible enough to use over and over again.

In this section, participants learn the four steps of the GROW® Model. Then they apply the model to real-world situations and create plans to achieve their breakthroughs.

3. Get Perspective

"Where do you see blind spots?"

One person's blind spots can impact the whole organization. Make sure everyone in your organization can see potential obstacles ahead.

To wrap up the course, participants experience the value of perspective. They analyze their current role performance and identify where they can improve. They also learn three check-in questions to get perspective from a manager or coworker.


Real Results for Real Life


In Breakthroughs: High Performance from the InsideOut, participants:

  • Discover the GROW® Model and learn to use it to focus, solve problems, make decisions, and commit to actions.
  • Use three simple check-in questions to solve problems on their own.
  • Recognize the value of perspective and learn to ask others for their insights so they can overcome blind spots, and improve performance and results.
  • Increase self-awareness of their own capacity for higher performance.
  • Perform at higher levels in their current role.
  • Demonstrate greater ownership and engagement in their work.

Participants leave the workshop with tools designed to help them improve their own performance - and the competencies to use them effectively.


Breakthroughs and Coaching:
Better Together

Pairing Breakthroughs and InsideOut Coaching aligns individual contributors with leaders through a common language, framework, and tools. By combining the two programs, you get the most out of both by providing a common approach to coaching conversations, an easy-to-use process for addressing opportunities and issues, and a simple framework that encourages and streamlines feedback.


Are you ready to drive breakthrough performance at your organization?

Fill out this form to speak with a specialist about bringing Breakthroughs to your team.