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InsideOut Intellectual Property Rights–GROW® Model

The original GROW® Model was created over 20 years ago in the UK by three co-developers–Alan Fine, Sir John Whitmore, and Graham Alexander. The original material primarily consisted of the basic GROW® Model, which is an acronym for the four stages of an effective coaching conversation. The model was the result of the collaborative efforts of all three individuals, each having joint ownership in and intellectual property rights to the work.

After several years, Fine, Whitmore, and Alexander went their separate ways, each continuing to work independently with the model while also creating and refining his own proprietary content. The three parted ways with an understanding between them that each would have equal ability to work with the original model, but that no one would claim any more credit or ownership of the original model than the others. Because of that understanding, the three individuals were less aggressive, individually and collectively, than they could have been in protecting their early work. This understanding between the owners has resulted in the false perception by many that the basic GROW® Model is in the public domain.

Over the last 20 years, Fine has continued to work with and develop world-class content and training offerings, including significant enhancements to the original GROW® Model. Fine and InsideOut Development have evolved the model into a robust practice area with greatly expanded concepts, training methodologies, application tools, job aids, and other content that are integrated into its popular offerings. These enhancements are not part of the original basic GROW® Model and are solely the proprietary property of InsideOut Development.

As Fine’s business and client work expanded, InsideOut Development took steps to protect the rights of its proprietary models, training materials, tools, and other content. Those materials include, but are not limited to:

  • The GROW® Model graphic
  • The series and sequence of questions within the GROW® Model
  • The “Backside of the GROW® Card,” which provides an effective approach to initiating difficult coaching conversations
  • The Coaching Discussion Worksheet–a tool to help managers prepare for challenging coaching conversations
  • Implementation tools, such as the GROW® pads and cards
  • Many training and support videos and tools

All of InsideOut Development’s training materials, implementation tools, and related materials are protected by copyright and are the property of InsideOut Development, LLC. The original GROW® Model, although referenced broadly, is not in the public domain but is jointly owned by the three original co-authors. Legal permission to use the original model must come from one of these individuals. Their ability to give permission is limited to the original GROW® Model/acronym only and does not include any other concepts or works developed separately by these individuals.


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