Alan Fine

InsideOut Development Founder and President

Alan Fine, co-creator of the widely recognized GROW® Model, is the founder and president of InsideOut Development. Alan is considered a pioneer of the modern coaching movement, and many of the world’s most respected organizations have adopted his inside-out approach to performance improvement, including IBM, NASA, Honeywell, Gap, and Coca-Cola.

Alan has dedicated the past 25 years to helping people from all walks of life elevate their performance and unlock their potential, including athletes such as Davis Cup tennis star Buster Mottram, record-breaking triathlete James Lawrence, and PGA golfers Phillip Price, David Feherty, Colin Montgomerie, and Stephen Ames.

In the Words of Alan Fine:

How It All Got Started

I was an asthmatic, skinny, painfully shy kid on the brink of achieving something amazing. To this day, I can remember exactly where I was standing on the court when I suddenly realized that I was ahead. I remember a voice in my head saying, “You only have to win two more, and you’ll be the school tennis champion!” Suddenly I froze. I didn’t win another game.

Though I didn’t know it at the time, this event would send me down a path to discover a simple paradigm, principle, and process that can create dramatic performance improvements in any area of life.

The Common Approach to Performance Management

When I began my career I had believed—as most people do—that the best way to improve performance is to increase knowledge. There’s some bit of knowledge “out there” you don’t have, and if you can just figure out how to get it, your performance will improve. The problem is, if knowledge were all it took we’d all read the book and be incredible managers, teachers, parents, and performers. But obviously we’re not. The biggest obstacle in performance isn’t about knowing what to do; it’s doing what you know.

A Simple Model to Improve Performance

A different way to look at performance improvement is “inside-out.” This approach is less about adding new knowledge and more about eliminating the interference that’s getting in the way of experimenting with and using the knowledge we already have.

The primary focus of InsideOut Development is to work with business leaders to increase performance and improve business results. Our approach has helped thousands of managers to become more effective coaches, CEOs to become more effective decision makers, and front-line employees to become more engaged and more effective contributors.

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