Product / Services

InsideOut Development provides a variety of products and services to help organizations achieve breakthrough performance. Our offerings are categorized into three functional areas: front line, team, and organization.

Offerings for Organizations

InsideOut Coaching ( Executive Format ):

Help executives learn and apply a simple, repeatable process for tapping into and drawing out optimal performance throughout the organization. This 2-day program specifically tailored for executives teaches them to better understand performance and coach for engagement and breakthrough results. The vision isn’t just incremental progress, but exponential more

Executive Coaching Services:

Strengthen an executive’s confidence and leadership performance through the help of a professional executive coach. Clients work with a seasoned InsideOut Executive Coach who becomes a trusted advisor, listener, and champion, and who holds leaders accountable for winning more

Organizational Performance Consulting Services:

Help your organization align its strategy, systems, and structures for optimum performance. Led by an InsideOut Organizational Performance Consultant, employees and leaders engage in the process of assessing and aligning the organization, including its strategy, structural and support systems, work processes, and other elements that drive the human culture. The goal is to fully engage people in achieving breakthrough results by unlocking the faith, fire, and focus already within more

Keynote for Executives:

Enable executives to effectively lead the organization to breakthrough results. This keynote address introduces executives to a simple, yet powerful way of looking at performance. Participants learn how to close the organization’s performance gaps using its most powerful tool as the driver for change—its more

InsideOut Golf Event:

In the classroom, learn the inside-out principles that govern breakthrough performance; then immediately apply those principles in a fun and engaging executive golfing event. While the mechanics of any sport are important, the real keys to success are in the player's attitude, focus, and execution. By applying the tools and concepts to golf, executives learn to eliminate distractions from their game and focus on those things that will help them win at work and in other areas of more

Offerings for Teams

InsideOut Coaching: Tools for Team Leaders

Help managers learn to effectively coach for performance and engagement. The simple process taught in InsideOut Coaching is a catalyst for improvement in all areas—from maximizing existing training to engaging teams around key initiatives and goals. InsideOut Coaching is not just a program to attend; it’s a mindset, skillset, and toolset to help team leaders have successful coaching conversations every day with team more

Coach Mentoring:

Strengthen a manager’s confidence and performance in applying the InsideOut Coaching process through one-on-one coaching services. Managers become skilled at using the InsideOut Coaching process to provide feedback, create engagement around performance goals, and hold productive meetings with more

Keynote for Management and Leadership Audiences:

Introduce managers and organizational leaders at all levels to the concepts and tools they need to drive consistent, sustainable results. This engaging and powerful keynote address will help managers and leaders understand the key elements of individual and team performance and unlock the potential of their more

Offerings for Front Line

Breakthrough Performance: Tools for the Front Line

Help your Front Line employees apply a simple process to consistently achieve breakthrough results … on demand! This engaging and easy-to-implement program helps employees improve performance and personal accountability, increase engagement, and develop trust with peers, co-workers, leaders, and more

Keynote for Front Line Audiences:

Engage and inspire your employees to achieve their full potential. This compelling keynote address helps them understand the key elements of human performance and how to reduce interference and focus on the things that produce breakthrough more