Organizational Consulting Services

Organizational alignment is an activity that many leaders avoid. It can be a very costly, lengthy endeavor in which various organizational systems or processes are picked apart, retooled, and then implemented anew, functioning at about the same efficiency as before. This type of alignment comes from the outside-in. The system is essentially taken "off-line" by an external team, supposedly "aligned," and then reinserted back into the organization with new instructions for employees. It is simply a structural change without any work on human behavioral change. Anyone who has been through this type of outside-in organizational alignment can testify to only short-term results with little to no long-term sustainability. How can organizational leaders improve the functioning of their systems and processes without going through this type of painful and often disappointing alignment?

Organizational Performance Consulting is an inside-out process that yields long-term, sustainable results because it focuses on both behavior change and structural change within the organization. First, we begin with the people who know the organization and its functioning the best—the employees. We work with key leaders and managers to assess which systems and processes are working within their area and which are not. We look to employees to pinpoint misalignments, create better options, and make decisions about solutions. The system or process is never taken out of the hands of the individuals who know it best. In this way, everyone feels they're part of the solution, and consequently, buy in to the outcome.

Employees become the champions of their own improved processes and systems. They are excited and enthusiastic about the changes—and eager to make them work! Because they help make the decisions about the solution, they know what they need to know, believe they make a difference in what they do, and do what needs to be done to achieve the business goals.

Using mall-group process, employees and leaders engage in assessing and aligning the mission, strategies, structural systems, and human culture of the organization. The results? Exponential improvement on all levels of operation. Breakthrough performance. Authentic behavior change mandated not by mechanistic structures, but by strategies that honor people’s own resourcefulness and commitment to organization-wide agreements.

Organizational Consulting Services Outcomes
With Organizational Performance Consulting, organizational leaders can expect:
  • Effective behavior change in employees
  • Aligned systems or processes
  • Engaged and committed employees
  • Breakthrough performance through aligned processes, systems, and the human culture
Service Description


Varies depending on the scope of the engagement.

Delivery Options

On-site consulting.

Critical Applications

Process and system alignment, strategy, change management, etc.

Value Proposition

Align strategy systems and processes for breakthrough performance using an inside-out approach.


A wide variety of materials are available based on clients' needs.

“My experience with InsideOut Development has been exceptional. I appreciate the simple, logical and systematic approach that the (InsideOut) process provides.”
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