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Your managers are the link between the organization's important objectives and the front line employees who do the work to carry out those objectives. With such an important role to fulfill, you want to provide your managers with the training and tools they need to perform with excellence. With literally thousands of management training programs available to choose from, it's challenging to know which program will truly serve your managers best.

Solution: InsideOut's Revolutionary Management Training

InsideOut Development offers management training that enhances the other training your managers have received. Our program for coaching and team performance offers a new mindset, skillset, and toolset for managers to help them achieve breakthrough performance in all of their varied managerial tasks. Using our proven process, managers not only learn how to improve their own performance, but also the performance of their teams. InsideOut management training can help managers:
  • Communicate more effectively with clients.
  • Negotiate through tough sales or union processes.
  • Improve communication with executives.
  • Hold themselves to a higher standard of accountability.
  • Effectively coach team members to unleash their talents and skills.
  • Conduct effective performance reviews that lead to action and accountability.
  • Build trust with team members.
  • Receive team member feedback.

Products and Services

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InsideOut Coaching: Tools for Team Leaders:

Help managers learn to coach effectively for performance and engagement. The simple process taught in InsideOut Coaching is a catalyst for improvement in all areas—from maximizing existing training to engaging teams around key initiatives and goals. InsideOut Coaching is not just a program to attend; it's a mindset, skillset, and toolset to help team leaders have successful coaching conversations every day with team members. read more

Coach Mentoring:

Strengthen a manager's confidence and performance in applying the InsideOut Coaching process through one-on-one coaching services. Managers become skilled at using the InsideOut Coaching process to provide feedback, create engagement around performance goals, and hold productive meetings with employees. read more

Keynote for Management and Leadership Audiences:

Introduce managers and organizational leaders at all levels to the concepts and tools they need to drive consistent, sustainable results. This engaging and powerful keynote address will help managers and leaders understand the key elements of individual and team performance and unlock the potential of their workforce. read more
Mike Larsen, senior manager for Lean Sigma at Medtronic, was working on process improvement in his organization. When his team had difficulties implementing a sluggish process, they used InsideOut's coaching method to drive performance improvement results throughout the organization. “Absolutely it worked,” Larsen said, to enhance engagement, accountability, and rollout of the recommendations.