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About the Webinar

Workplace coaching doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult in order to deliver amazing results. InsideOut Coaching focuses on two elements proven to unlock performance breakthroughs:

1. Understanding key elements of human performance, and...

2. Learning and practicing a repeatable process for structuring coaching conversations based on the world-renowned GROW® Model.

In this interactive 50-minute webinar, participants will explore:

  • The value of workplace coaching based on real-world research
  • Simple tools to get more leaders, coaching more often, for more impact
  • Proven strategies for building and sustaining a coaching culture within your organization
  • Specific steps to begin implementing effective and powerful coaching

This session is ideal for individuals looking to increase the coaching capabilities and confidence within their organizations.

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InsideOut Coaching promises to help individuals, teams and organizations achieve performance breakthroughs by turning leaders and managers into great coaches. Our streamlined one-day workshop – designed for a broad audience of senior, mid-level, and front-line managers – equips leaders with powerful, easy-to-use coaching tools.

Use IO Coaching to:

  • Increase employee retention
  • Improve sales performance
  • Build a culture of performance and accountability
  • Engage teams to work toward the same goals

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