Executive Golf Events

Often times, many breakthrough experiences happen for individuals through cross-application of principles. The principles governing the game of golf are analogous to business and life. Some golfers spend countless hours working on the mechanics of the game, just as some business people spend countless hours working on the mechanisms of their organizations. In both cases, they miss the opportunity for breakthrough performance because they are not working from the inside-out. In other words, they are not working on beliefs and behaviors first before trying to fix mechanistic problems.

Executive Golf Events are based on inside-out improvement. In the classroom, players will first learn the principles that govern the “mental” aspect of the game. Renowned golf coach Alan Fine will cover topics such as:

  • Understanding success factors on and off the course
  • Increasing faith (belief in skills and abilities), fire (energy and enthusiasm), and focus (consistent execution)
  • Seeing what winning performance looks like
  • Cross-applying the principles to work and life

Once players have tackled the tough mental challenges they face in their game, they’ll warm up, visit the driving range and play in a shotgun golf tournament to immediately apply their learning.

Executive Golf Event Outcomes
Executive Golf Event will help players:
  • Ignite their faith, fire, and focus
  • Achieve breakthroughs in performance
  • Build consistency
  • Improve their score and overall golf game
Event Description


½ to 1 day


Executives, Clients Retreats, Intact Teams.

Critical Applications

  • Team Building
  • Customer Retreat
  • Senior-Level Off sites

Value Proposition

Participants learn the inside-out principles that govern breakthrough performance; then immediately apply those principles in a golfing event.

Program Deliverables

A wide variety of program materials are available based on clients’ needs.

Program Tools

A wide variety of program tools are available based on clients’ needs.

“This man gave me a putting lesson. Within minutes I was holing nearly everything from nearly everywhere and even enjoyed the few I missed ... Through the years I played this absurd sport for a living, I found that the lessons Alan taught me were just as useful in my everyday life as they were in golf.”
David Feherty -- Columnist Golf Magazine, CBS Golf Analyst