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Build a Coaching Culture from the Inside-Out

One of the simplest and fastest ways to build an internal coaching culture is to become a certified trainer of InsideOut Coaching. InsideOut Development's Train-the-Trainer (T3) program is a two-day certification that will empower you or other key leaders in your organization to deliver InsideOut Coaching Workshops.

Becoming a trainer is simple:

  1. Attend the one-day InsideOut Coaching Workshop
  2. Attend the two-day InsideOut Coaching Certification Workshop

T3 certification workshop participants will:

  • Learn InsideOut Coaching program delivery
  • Practice facilitation and program delivery skills
  • Get access to the InsideOut Coaching community and trainer resources
  • Be ready to immediately deliver InsideOut Coaching training
  • Have the tools and resources you need to start getting more leaders coaching, more often, for more business impact

Upcoming Train-the-Trainer Events

Atlanta, GA on June 27 - 28 Register
Bay Area, CA on June 27 - 28 Register
Columbus, OH on September 12 - 13 Register
Minneapolis , MN on September 12 - 13 Register
Seattle, WA on September 19 - 20 Register
New York City, NY on September 26 - 27 Register
Chicago, IL on October 17 - 18 Register
Dallas, TX on October 24 - 25 Register
Philadelphia, PA on October 24 - 25 Register
Boston, MA on October 24 - 25 Register
Los Angeles, CA on November 14 - 15 Register
Houston, TX on December 5 - 6 Register
Minneapolis, MN on December 12 - 13 Register
Washington, DC on December 12 - 13 Register

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