Breakthrough Performance Programâ„¢

Your employees are the heart and soul of your organization. Your organization's results ultimately lay in the hands of your front line people. Leaders are continually looking for new ways to inspire greater performance and effectiveness from their employees. Often they look at things such as:
  • What additional training do employees need?
  • What resources or internal information are they lacking?
  • What answers can leadership provide?
  • What new, more advanced tools can we build or buy?

After years of exploring these issues, we have developed a straightforward, yet profound process that directly improves performance. Simply put, the InsideOut process teaches your employees to use and act on the knowledge, skills, and resources they already have. Breakthrough Performance: Tools for the Front Line helps employees eliminate the interference and distractions of the everyday workplace and focus on applying what they already know how to do.

Employees learn to use several simple tools, including the GROW® Model. GROW® is a powerful tool for helping people unlock their performance capability. "G" represents the "goal" the employee wants to achieve; "R" is the "realities" the employee should consider; "O" represents the "options" available to meet the goal; and "W" is the "way forward," or in other words, the plan for what needs to be done. Using the GROW® Model, employees learn to eliminate distractions and focus their attention on what is doable.

As employees use the InsideOut tools to achieve breakthroughs in their performance goals, they also increase their ability to "SayDoCo™." It's a simple-sounding, yet memorable term that means employees will "say" what they'll do, "do" what they say, and "communicate" as soon as they know they can't.

Breakthrough Performance Outcomes
Breakthrough Performance: Tools for the Front Line will help employees:
  • Develop a common language and culture of performance.
  • Learn and use a repeatable process to achieve focus, action, and breakthrough results.
  • Eliminate personal distractions, interruptions, and disturbances that get in the way.
  • Increase personal engagement and accountability for producing strong and consistent results.
  • Create a culture of trust and coach-readiness.
  • Provide effective feedback to leaders.
  • Engage in productive performance reviews.

Program Description


3 hours

Delivery Options

A leader-led program that can be delivered by an InsideOut presenter or a certified client facilitator.


Front line employees (non-managers)

Certification Process

Attend IO Coaching.
Complete a 90-minute, online virtual certification process

Critical Applications

Any area of individual employee performance, including but not limited to:
  • Customer service, sales effectiveness, project management, product development, R&D, etc.
  • Engagement, accountability, and trust
  • Readiness to be coach

Value Proposition

Simple, powerful tools to help front line employees accomplish significantly better results and contribute to a more engaged, accountable, and high-trust work culture.

Program Deliverables

Leader's Kit:
  • Leader's guide
  • Teaching materials CD
  • 10 participant kits
  • Access to online program tools
  • Program videos
Participant Kit:
  • Participant workbook
  • GROW® card for individual contributors
  • Access to online program tools

Program Tools

Participants are given access to the online Front Line Breakthrough Community where they can revisit concepts, download tools and job aids, watch program videos, and share best practices with others.

Monte Belknap, violin coordinator for Brigham Young University's renowned School of Music, employs the GROW® Model with his master violin students. He said, "This is the most actionable approach I have ever seen for teaching people how to take advantage of their own abilities. Putting people in charge of learning for themselves how to remove the distractions and obstacles to their performance opens up pathways of discovery and empowerment. I have never seen such substantial improvements in such a short timeframe."