Breaking Through at Higher Levels

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Erin Bentz
Associative Manager, Learning and Development
New Balance
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Director of Training and Development
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General Manager
VP Construction Services
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Bank Branch Manager
Manager, Training & Development
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AVP Learning & Development

Breaking Through at Higher Levels

Breaking through to new levels of individual and organizational performance is not necessarily about gaining more—more knowledge, more information, more skills. Even without adding more knowledge, most employees at all levels have what they need to excel. They just don't leverage what they are already capable of. The biggest performance challenge is not that people don't know what to do, it's that they don't do what they know. In other words, performance breakthroughs come from the inside out.

InsideOut Development is a training, development, and professional services firm that enables breakthrough performance by helping individuals and organizations cut through the clutter and focus on what will yield the biggest results. InsideOut Development, recognized as a leader in coaching skills, trains tens of thousands of people annually using the GROW® Model and other innovative tools and programs developed by Alan Fine and the InsideOut Development team.

We provide a variety of products and services to help individuals and organizations achieve breakthrough performance. Our offerings are categorized into three functional areas: front line, team, organizations.

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Mike Larsen, senior manager for Lean Sigma at Medtronic, was working on process improvement in his organization. When his team had difficulties implementing a sluggish process, they used InsideOut’s coaching method to drive performance improvement results throughout the organization. “Absolutely it worked,� Larsen said, to enhance engagement, accountability, and rollout of the recommendations.