InsideOut Breakthroughs: Individual Employee Development

Turning Individual Potential Into High Performance

Imagine if everyone in your organization were contributing at 100%; if deadlines were met, to-do lists shrunk, and issues quickly resolved.

InsideOut Breakthroughs is a 1/2-day employee development program for frontline employees and individual contributors designed to help individuals tap into their innate potential to become their best self and achieve their best performance.

Participants learn the keys for sustaining high performance both at work, and outside of work, through three engaging learning modules:

  1. Module 1: Understanding the Nature of Performance
    Participants learn the four key elements of
    high performance
  2. Module 2: Unlocking Potential
    Participants learn a simple approach for achieving
    performance breakthroughs on demand
  3. Module 3: Free Up Your Best Self
    Participants create a personal action plan of performance
    breakthrough opportunities at work and outside of work.

InsideOut Breakthroughs arms employees with a simple process and a fast and easy set of tools for immediate, on-the-job application. Participants leave the employee development training feeling energized and engaged, capable of overcoming obstacles, solving problems, increasing productivity, and delivering their highest performance anytime, anywhere.

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